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In Aachen it was decided to invite some people from soy producing countries to elaborate on Southern strategies towards solutions for the impact of the production of soy. It becomes increasingly clear that the situation in all soy producing countries is quite different and that there is no such thing as a single strategy. We have invited people from different countries that can present a clear vision on concrete strategies and actions to address the soy issue. This in order to discuss how the work in Europe and Latin America can be complementary as well as how these strategies/agendas could be supported and strengthened.

Presentation Miguel Angel Crespo (Probioma):
Powerpoint: "Problemática de la soya en Bolivia y sus perspectvas"

Presentation Sergio Schlesinger (FASE):
Powerpoint: "Soy: The grain that grew to much"
Study: Will the soybean boom in Brazil never end? (09/2003, Ulrike Bickel)


Study: soya boom –problems and issues involved

(nov. 2004, Ulrike Bickel, MISEREOR)
A Case Study on the Impact of Genetically Engineered Soya
(march 2005 by Lilian Joensen, Stella Semino Grupo de Reflexión Rural, Argentina
Helena Paul, EcoNexus for the Gaia Foundation)

Study of the soy situtation
(sept. 2005, Ulrike Bickel, MISEREOR)
A report, produced by Grupo de Reflexión Rural, was presented at the 8th Conference of the Parties (COP8) to the Convention on Biological Diversity and the 3rd Meeting of the Parties (MOP3) to the Biosafety Protocol, held in Curitiba, Brazil, March 13-31 2006 (Javiera Rulli, Stella Semino, Lilian Joensen)